claire_firsthome.jpg“I need to find a woman. I don’t know who she is or where she is. And when I find her, chances are I’m going to get her naked, rock her world, and then make her wish I were dead.”…Adrien Fletcher, Bullet Catcher

Adrien Fletcher a/k/a Fletch is a bold, blonde, buff, Tasmanian hunk of deadly sex appeal and one of the elite Bullet Catchers security specialists. Dr. Miranda Lang is a studious assistant professor of linguistic anthropology at Berkeley who has finally broken away from her overprotective mother and is taking her first steps to independence. She has just published her first book which negates the theory that the world will end 12/21/2012 and is poised to begin a promotional tour even though opponents of her book have …

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A couple of weeks ago Buffie posted on one of our forums that she watched a Reality TV show called ‘The Real Housewives of NYC” on Bravo.  We sent each other a couple of private messages and I was compelled to tune in.

Okay – I admit it, I am the woman who LOATHES Reality TV, and I was hooked.  I was so there.  I am usually the one who looks away when there’s an accident on the road.  I won’t watch morbid, I turn away from other people’s embarrassing moments. But this show is impossible to turn away from.  It has put the T in train wreck.  OH MY GOD!

Five rich NYC women who are really wannabe people.  What’s a wannabe people?  Someone who is striving desperately to …

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Sometimes when I’m out with Marisa she’ll have to tell me to “stop staring.” Yes, I’m a ‘starer’, particularly in restaurants when I’m not engaged in a conversation with the person I’m sitting with.  My gaze will just wander and I’ll stare over at the next table, completely engrossed in someone else’s conversation.  Sometimes I wonder why they just don’t offer me a seat.

My compulsion to stare is the same compulsion I have for reading romance.  It’s all about the relationships  As a reader, I can be the person at the next table and I’m in on every single detail as the relationship progresses from bad to worse, back to bad and then to total bliss.  Damn, I love those stories.  That’s exactly why I fell in love with …

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A charity co-founded by George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle has donated $500,000 to the United Nations World Food Program. The money, handed over by the stars’ Not On Our Watch organization, is earmarked for the U.N.’s food aid agency to prevent hunger in the troubled Darfur region of Sudan. In a statement, Clooney said: “Without immediate additional funding, humanitarian aid in the region will be crippled.” Not On Our Watch has raised more than $9.3 million for Darfur, and last year donated $1 million to the World Food Program. Clooney has become a leading celebrity advocate for action against the genocide in the Sudan after filming a documentary about the crisis last year.

This begs the question – why aren’t more news sources picking …

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If you surround yourself with enough technology – you never have to leave your home. And that is the point – to keep us all compartmentalized in our own little world? A world where people don’t meet unless it’s on-line? Are we getting closer and closer to letting a computer make our decisions?

With a tap, tap, tap of the keyboard and a couple of clicks of the mouse, you can pay your bills , buy groceries, clothes, furniture, toiletries, gifts, automobiles and vacations.

Why pay 10 bucks to see a film? Just, tap, tap, click – you can wait for snail mail – or you can download it instantly.

Want the lastest book – tap, tap, click – mail or download — your choice.

But where’s the human contact? …

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Television hasn’t quite made it’s return from the writer’s strike. No — it’s not quite there yet. How much more Reality TV must we endure? Obviously, the networks think we haven’t quite had our fill. I urge you again, if you haven’t seen Paddy Chayefsky’s movie “Network”, make it the next movie in your Netflix queue. You’ll be astounded at the foresight of this 1976 film.

Recently I read an article in the trades about a new reality tv show one network is producing- and this is not a joke – I swear – it’s going to be called “America’s Next Top Disabled Model”. Seriously! What – they’ll have Heather Mills throw her leg at another model if she gets pissed off? Are they really lacking for material that they

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