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    Can I Go Outside Yet?
  • Author:
  • Published: Feb 28th, 2008

trees.jpgFebruary is winding down – who else is waiting for the trees to start turning green? There comes a point toward the end of winter where you look out the window at yet another grey overcast day and say – “Jeez, when will the trees turn green?” I mean for the love of Pete – we’ve been through the beginning chill of October, the brown grass of November, and the freezing temperatures of December and January. Now we’re in the barren yukiness of February – how much longer do I have to wear my winter coat???

Make no mistake, these are the best months for curling up with a good book. However, I yearn to take a nice walk in a park with trees ready to burst forth with blooms. Unfortunately the only thing ready to burst forth is my now sizeable behind from sitting around eating all winter… Okay, you get the point. Let Spring begin.

What’s your favorite season?

5 Responses to “Can I Go Outside Yet?”

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  1. Buffie
    on Feb 29th, 2008
    @ 5:56 am

    Me too!!! I am so ready for spring. I have notice lots of daffodils blooming in our area. I just love those yellow flowers!

  2. AndreaW
    on Feb 29th, 2008
    @ 9:05 am

    O Spring … where art thou? I am ready for spring, too! Though, my favorite season is summer (with spring close behind). I love to have my son home, go to the pool, see my brother, and just be outside.

  3. MaryKate
    on Feb 29th, 2008
    @ 10:13 am

    I’m a fall girl, personally. I love when they days get a crisp snap in them, and the leaves change and pulling out my sweaters and blue jeans. It’s perfect hibernating weather. Heavy blankets and sweat pants and comfy sweatshirts. I love it!

    I have to take a ton of allergy drugs in the spring, and spend most of it with my nose running like a 2YO, so I’m not a big fan, although I love to see everything in bloom.

  4. Keira Soleore
    on Mar 1st, 2008
    @ 11:18 pm

    Maria, give me spring or summer any day. Basically, any day the sun shines brightly, the skies are blue, and the weather a comfortable 65.

  5. Stacy ~
    on Mar 3rd, 2008
    @ 2:12 pm

    I love spring. Fall is very pretty, but spring really makes me happy with everything in bloom, full of vibrant color and lovely smells, like the lilacs and the freshly cut grass. And to be able to wear sandals is a huge plus.

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