trees.jpgFebruary is winding down – who else is waiting for the trees to start turning green? There comes a point toward the end of winter where you look out the window at yet another grey overcast day and say – “Jeez, when will the trees turn green?” I mean for the love of Pete – we’ve been through the beginning chill of October, the brown grass of November, and the freezing temperatures of December and January. Now we’re in the barren yukiness of February – how much longer do I have to wear my winter coat???

Make no mistake, these are the best months for curling up with a good book. However, I yearn to take a nice walk in a park with trees ready to burst forth with blooms.

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rsc_pj2.JPGLast August, RITA award winning author, Roxanne (Rocki) St. Claire spent a week as the RNTV Mystery Author. I was lucky enough to unmask her first and received an autographed book as reward for my sleuthing skills. When I received the book I was startled to see that her return address was in the same small town where my brother and his family live. We exchanged addresses and discovered that their homes are less than five minutes from one another. Rocki told me to contact her the next time I visited. Frankly, I thought the chances of us meeting were extremely slim as I hadn’t been down there in almost six years but that all changed last week.

My sister-in-law’s father passed away two weeks ago and last Thursday I …

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travelers.jpgI found myself having to travel to five different cities in 10 days.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it again.  Packing for four different climates is what I consider a true challenge.

My husband has always called me Zsa Zsa Gabor when it comes to packing.  I simply cannot live without anything. What if I arrive and I feel like wearing that cute little red top?  Well I’d have to have the pants that match, and of course the shoes, and don’t forget the accessories.  While we’re talking shoes, each pair of pants is hemmed a different length, I’d have to have at least several pairs of shoes.  Of course, there’s the cosmetics’, toiletries, blow dryer, big roll brush – oh it’s just endless.  I always begin packing swearing to

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idol.jpg The television juggernaut known as American Idol is now into its seventh season and shows NO signs of losing ground.  It’s the only show on television that has gained viewers as the years go by.  Really unique, usually when shows are in their fourth or fifth season viewers are turning to other fare – and the producers are forced to change format, add new characters, and kill off old ones.  Not American Idol, they haven’t really changed their format and they’re still going strong.  

So — are you watching?  They’ve just eliminated four and we’ve got many more weeks to go until the next American Idol is crowned.  

Give me your thoughts.  Who do you like, who do you think will survive the next round and why?

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christina.jpgIt’s been an amazing year for us here at Romance Novel TV, and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the romance community for their generosity of spirit, their support and friendship.

During the year we’ve met some incredible people, talented authors and devoted readers. We’ve traveled across the country filming book signings, covering conferences and interviewing authors. Our very first interview was at a college campus in New York City with author Eloisa James. She agreed to do an interview with us even before we had a home on the net. We invaded the English Department with cameras and lights and set up in a tiny office filled with books and desks and one electrical out let. We were hoping we didn’t blow a fuse and shut down …

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I’ve been in Washington, D.C. for a couple of weeks.  While this is not my first time in the city, it is my first time staying for any length of time.  It’s a great town, with lots, and lots to see.  It’s the seat of democracy for the United States. 

However, I have been almost driven to the brink of total insanity because I’ve had to drive to many of the places I need to get to in D.C.  I’m a New Yorker, born and bred – and for my money, there isn’t an easier city in the world to get around.  Everything is lined up in a nice grid.  Numbered streets travel up and down, avenues go across.  You’d be hard pressed to get lost in NYC.

Washington D.C. …

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