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    Sadie Watson Extraneous Thought #90 Television
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  • Published: Jan 3rd, 2008

Imagine if there were no writers in the world.  Hard to imagine huh?  No books, no magazines, no newspapers, no scripted television shows, you get the picture.

With the writers strike there are no writers for scripted television shows – which means anyone who can produce a television show without writers can have a television show. This means MORE Reality TV. As Maria in West Side Story said “please make it not be true”.

Imagine if our beloved authors went on strike and the publishing houses decided to print books anyway – who would write them?  The editors? The publishers?  And if they did write them, what would they be like? Can you even imagine such a thing?  Well that’s sort of what’s happening to television.  A whole new era is about to be heralded in the television landscape.

Between anyone who has a camera with a YouTube account and reality shows our viewing lives will be changed forever. And as Paddy Chayesfsky, in that brilliant 1976’s film Network, predicted – the landscape of entertainment has reverted to the days of the Roman Forum where having people being eaten by lions is the entertainment of the day.

Just turn on the TV – you’ll see what I mean
Some of the Reality TV shows that are on the air now, about to air, or in development:
Clash of the Choirs
Biggest Loser
1000 Ways to Die
Alien Encounters
The Deadliest Warrior
The Gauntlet
House of Horrors
Surviving Terror


Next time you read a book, a magazine, a newspaper, watch a movie or tune into a scripted television show – remember the words were written by some one – a writer.

2 Responses to “Sadie Watson Extraneous Thought #90 Television”

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  1. Marisa
    on Jan 4th, 2008
    @ 6:01 am

    Sadie, I’m right there with you! What would the world be like with out writers? It’s unthinkable. The television landscape will be barren this season. It’s amazing to me that shows like Journeyman are canceled while the show The Girls Next Door continue.

    Some of the new shows this season include:
    Celebrity Love Cruise – the Love Boat with Celebrities (I use the term loosely) I’d rather be boiled in oil than watch this.

    Manswers- I’d rather clean my oven with a toothpick than watch this show.

    My Dad is Better than your Dad – oops, I think I have some laundry to do.

    But for some reason the one show that SHOCKS me is PARKING WARS – A&E, the network that has given us the fabulous MAD MEN, is offering up this dreck – they describe it as:(from A&E’s press release) They tuck tickets under our windshields and clamp yellow boots to our car wheels. They are called every name in the book. Some try to run from them. Others try to run them over. They are the people we love to hate, but never before have they been so fascinating. A&E’s new real-life series PARKING WARS, premiering Tuesday, January 8 at 10:00pm ET/PT, is a behind the scenes ride with the men and women of the Philadelphia Parking Authority as they manage the chaos that is every driver’s greatest nightmare…. parking!
    Ok, I imagine this show will be like watching paint dry. Turn off your TV’s now, wait for the writers to come back – Or- paint your walls and watch the paint dry.

    A world with out writers, yes unthinkable. I’m grateful the authors of the books I love will continue to write – and that’s how I’ll be spending my time – reading.

  2. Buffie
    on Jan 4th, 2008
    @ 7:01 am

    I shudder at the thought of no writers in this world. Where would our imaginations be?? Would we even have any? But I have to confess that I am a reality junkie. I love reality shows. Over the New Years weekend I even got hooked on a reality show in Australia and ended up watching the entire marathon (which was 2 days long). Sad, I know. But it’s my addiction. Along with green tea lattes from Starbucks – yum!

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