Marisa and I were driving in the car the other day and playing radio roulette. Radio Roulette is played by Marisa turning through the radio stations until we get to a song we can both sing out loud, snap our fingers, bob our heads and stamp our feet with. But – it’s holiday time, and the airwaves are completely drenched with Christmas songs.

Marisa: “Oh no, they did not do a new age rendition of White Christmas did they?”

Maria: “Oh, they most certainly did.”

Marisa: “This is so wrong.”

Maria: “There aren’t enough ways to spell wrong on this one.”

Marisa: ” I guess they’ve run out of songs, so now they’re just putting new styles to them.”

Maria: “Uh, yep.”

Marisa: “I wonder how many Christmas songs there …

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The holidays are a time for friends and family. They are also the most romantic time of year. Time to forget the old – ring in the new. Begin again.

But, are we so busy with preparing for the holidays that we forget to take time to show our love to the ones who mean the most. Do you ever get so wrapped up in year end deadlines, shopping, planning and cooking that you begin to take for granted that someone special in your life? When it comes to romance has the fizz gone fuzzy?

If your love came home and told you that you had 30 minutes to pack for a surprise romantic getaway, what would you do?

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The president of the American Library Association, Loriene Roy, issued a press release in response to the call for the banning of the book “The Golden Compass”.

“This week, the movie, ‘The Golden Compass,’ based on the first book in Philip Pullman’s fantasy trilogy entitled ‘His Dark Materials,’ will debut in theatres across the United States. The movie has triggered a boycott campaign sponsored by conservative religious organizations that believe the movie and the books are an attack on Christianity and the Catholic Church. The groups are urging parents not to see the movie or purchase the books. ” (Read the full press release on our home page.)

Censorship, banning, prohibition – these are never good things. Regardless of one’s beliefs, the effort to STOP will always be met with …

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One lovely fall afternoon we shot a segment with Marianne Mancusi and Liz Maverick as they interviewed one of their favorite authors – Alisa Kwitney. Alisa, an editor at Vertigo, ‘the mature dark/fantasy imprint’ of DC Comics, has a new romance paranormal series soon to be unveiled. You may know her from her books Sex as a Second Language or Flirting With Cars. Since Alisa has been an editor for one of the most acclaimed comic book titles of the ’90’s we thought there would be no better place for us to interview her than in the world’s premiere comic book store – Midtown Comics. Yes, it’s a fabulous retreat for lovers of comics located near Times Square in Manhattan. But, they don’t only sell comics, we found books …

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If you’ve been to our message board then you know the “Hottie Of The Week” is a very popular forum. You’re probably wondering where all these incredible looking men come from.  Well I’m about to lay that mystery to rest.  Buffie – the one and only – a moderator on our board and a true romantic, posts a different ‘hottie’ each week. So when Marisa and I were filming at the last NJ RWA Conference – we nearly fell over when author Beth Ciotta introduced us to Billy.

As the former Mr. Romance, Billy is an actor and a model.  He has graced the covers of some of your favorite romance books published by Harlequin, Ellora’s Cave and Medallion Press.

We could NOT pass up the opportunity to get Billy …

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You might have guessed already. In case you haven’t – I’ll tell you. Marisa and I are huge J.R. Ward fans. Yes, we are fans of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Marisa has been since the first book – Dark Lover. She introduced me and sucked me into their world. We love the series and we’ll keep buying the books.

Marisa and I asked Sarah Wendell, from what she thought of the latest book in the series and she admitted she’d never read it. Imagine our shock. Not having read the Black Dagger Brotherhood? So, Marisa actually mailed Sarah her copy to read.

Last month we shot several video interviews with Sarah and one of the segments was her review of “Dark Lover”, the first book in the Black Dagger …

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