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Matt Damon was just named sexiest man by People Magazine.

Which one of your favorite romance novel heroes do you think he could be? 

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When it comes to reading romance, we love our heroes. And heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Vicky Lewis Thompson wrote a whole series just featuring Nerds. Christina Dodd and Marjorie M. Lui gave us shape shifters. J.R. Ward created leather clad vampires. Jodi Thomas likes her heroes riding a horse. Lisa Kleypas gave us a gypsy, Caridad Piniero has a contemporary detective and Eloisa James has dukes. The list goes on. Each type has their own way of capturing the heroines heart.

When it comes to reading romance – what’s your type? What do you think is sexy?…

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Let’s face it, we’re in the digital age. There is no turning back. Technology is part of everything we touch, including our precious books. Enter e-books. I’m sure many of you are familiar with them. And there are probably many of you who have downloaded an e-book. There are distinct advantages in being able to download your next romance read.

1. They save space. Approximately 500 e-books can be stored on one CD. Imagine the amount of shelf space you’ll free up.

2. You can adjust the size of the type and read instead of searching for your glasses so you can see what’s on the page.

3. You don’t have to hold the pages open. No more hard to read words toward the interior of the pages, forcing you …

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But I love you…

Okay – so what’s the story behind this?  Write me a line or two or three and tell me what prompted someone to write these words on the street.…

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It’s looking like the writer’s strike could take a while.  What will replace the scripted televisions shows you love?  Reality TV.  Me, I’ve had enough reality to last me into the next reality.

So – it’s a good time to catchup on your TBR pile.  Reading – the fruit of life.  I’ll take it any day over television.

If you are one of the rare people who has no TBR pile I suggest you visit our video page where there is always a new book recommendation. Whether it’s a new author interview, or a visit with RWA or Gina’s Picks – each of these videos has a new book to keep you warm on a winter’s night.

Happy reading!…

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