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    Series — can’t live with them – can’t stop reading them.
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  • Published: Nov 19th, 2007

I just finished Blood Brothers, the first book in the Sign of Seven trilogy by Nora Roberts. It’s true, I couldn’t put it down. Once again, Nora has written a story where the characters leap off the page and come to life. She has a way of creating families that make you want to know these people. I’m not going to spoil the story for you, suffice it say, it had me turning the pages, until I came to the end. I knew before I started the book, it was going to be a series, but I dived right in anyway. Now I’m waiting until May for the next release.

When I read C.L. Wilson’s Lord of the Fading Light, I was fortunate to have Lady of Light and Shadows, the second book waiting for me – so there was no interruption in the story.

I finished Jodi Thomas’ Texas Princess, the 2nd in the Whispering Mountain trilogy – but I waited a while in between books one and two.

Let’s not discuss how much breath has to be held as I anxiously wait for the next in the series of J.R. Ward’s the Black Dagger Brotherhood, or for the next in the Psy-changeling series by Nalini Singh.

The point is – it takes a writer time to write these stories we love and devour, yet we whine when the next one isn’t immediately available for purchase.ย  I for one, whine for days, “Oh my GOD, I have to wait – why did she do this to me!”ย  This is what I’m talking about – series, you can’t live with them but you can’t stop reading them.

What’s your take on series?

6 Responses to “Series — can’t live with them – can’t stop reading them.”

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  1. Kim
    on Nov 19th, 2007
    @ 4:48 am

    I love series. Its all about the characters for me so I really like to go back and visit them. Ya know? For me, the thing about the wait is that I have a horrible memory. By the time the next book comes out I’ve forgotten how the last one ended.

  2. Marisa
    on Nov 19th, 2007
    @ 5:41 am

    I love series! I admit it. Can’t live without them, can’t stop reading them. I love the continuation of a story line, of characters, of families. Re-visiting familiar faces, places and plots gets me running to the book store. Favorite series include, J.D. Robb In Death, J.R. Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood, Kathryn Smith Brotherhood of Blood, Christine Feehan Dark, Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter, Lori Foster Buckhorn Brothers – shoot, I could go on. However, I have to know going in that it’s a series – it’s a commitment of time and energy – one I happily make when the author gives me a strong plot, great characters and enduring romance – not an easy combination, but there are many authors who do it with such success that my keeper shelf continues to grow.

  3. AndreaW
    on Nov 19th, 2007
    @ 7:26 am

    I love series!! I don’t mind a little bit of a wait between books. It certainly gives me something to look forward to. I love series because you come to know those secondary characters and want them to have their own HEA. While reading them, I become part of the family and when a new book in a series comes out, it’s like coming home again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Lone Chatelaine
    on Nov 19th, 2007
    @ 7:36 am

    Whenever I find a good story that I really get lost in, swept away by the hero, and longing to be right in there with the characters, then I never want it to end. I want it to go on and on. Finishing a book like that is bittersweet. But with series they last a little bit longer ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Maria
    on Nov 19th, 2007
    @ 9:32 am

    Well – it’s looking like Series are something we all like – what are some of your favorites?

  6. Vivi Anna
    on Nov 19th, 2007
    @ 10:24 am

    I love series. I especially love them when I come into them late…like Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, I’m glad I came to them just last year, because I can go back to the first one and still have five more to read before I catch up.

    It was like that for Rachel Caine’s Weather Warden series, I discovered her I think when she was on book 4, so I was in heaven going back to start at the beginning and able to read 4 in a row…except I tried to space them out and read at least one or two books in between them. It was hard though!

    I never got into Christine Feehan or Sherrilyn Kenyon. And surprise suprise I’m not a BDB fan. Loved the second book but the rest didn’t work for me.

    So I’m always on the look out for a great series. I have Nalini’s series on my list to buy…

    And I have Christine Warren’s to catch up on, as well as Kresley Cole’s.

    I’m looking forward to the next one in Vicki Pettersson’s Zodiac, and Rachel Vincent’s were-cat series. Oh and I can’t wait for the next one from Rob Thurman or Mark Del Franco. Both are electric writers.

    Yup, I love me some series! Keep them coming!

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