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    What’s the Story?
  • Author:
  • Published: Nov 8th, 2007

But I love you…

Okay – so what’s the story behind this?  Write me a line or two or three and tell me what prompted someone to write these words on the street.

5 Responses to “What’s the Story?”

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  1. LisaN
    on Nov 8th, 2007
    @ 5:39 am

    But I love you even if you live on another continent. Seeing you once a year will have to be enough.

  2. marisa
    on Nov 8th, 2007
    @ 6:07 am

    The word BUT before anything is a scary proposition, you gotta wonder what that BUT encompasses. I mean BUT could mean a whole boat load of trouble; what exactly went wrong, what exactly did you do, what exactly transpired to require the dreaded BUT?

  3. Maggie Robinson
    on Nov 8th, 2007
    @ 7:06 am

    even if you are my cousin…

    even if you’re not gay…

    even if you fired me…

    even though I only sat next to you once on the subway…

    even if you smell like old socks…

    even if i don’t capitalize or punctuate…

  4. Caitlin
    on Nov 8th, 2007
    @ 8:47 am

    …even when you take the last ice cube and put the empty tray back in the frig.

  5. SallyRomantic
    on Nov 8th, 2007
    @ 8:50 am

    You squeeze the toothpaste from the middle, you leave your towels on the floor, and you forget to throw out the garbage ….but I love you…

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