How does someone take a picture of a piece of cheese, throw it up on the world wide web and get over a million hits a day? Before we answer that question, let me backtrack a bit.
In a report written in Film and Books Magazine it appears that books still outrank television, but the internet outranks everything else. It would appear that books and the internet are a perfect marriage.

It does, however, beg the question – how will authors fair in this new digital age?  It would appear everyone is making a book video. The question is, do you make your own or do you hire someone. Many romance authors work with Sheila English Clover’s Circle of Seven Production to get their video trailers produced. But what if …

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It’s a question that needs an answer. As I was going through my formative years – the only time I ever read a book review was in the Sunday Times – and even then just to pass the time because I happened to be eating breakfast alone. I’m not much for what ‘other people’ say. I feel the same way about movies. I shudder when someone says, “It got terrible reviews.” So what?
I’m at a point, where I really don’t give a rat’s teased up hairdo, what other people say. Why, because it’s their opinion. One definition for opinion is: a personal view, attitude, or appraisal— the operative word being personal. Certainly they are entitled to it, and I’m entitled not to read it or be influenced …

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Romance Novels of the 60’s were geared to middle class women with career goals. Apparently publishers thought we wanted to enter into the medical profession.

navynurse2.jpg Navy Nurse by Rosie M. Banks

COVER COPY: A romantic suspense-filled novel about a girl who chose a glamorous and exciting career.

nightduty_dukes1.jpg Night Duty At Duke’s by Bess Norton

COVER COPY: He was dark, fascinating and dangerous…yet Nurse Jane Ross could not resist.

romance_everglades2.jpg Everglades Nurse by Peggy Gaddis

COVER COPY: Must Nurse Jennie keep a vow to the man she loves — even if it means losing him to another woman?

romance_hootenanny1.jpgHootenanny Nurse by Suzanne Roberts

COVER COPY – He brought a new song to her heart

Feel free to comment or just let it rip!

P.S. a very special shout out – Happy Birthday …

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The pick up line– the first utterance when boy meets girl. It can also occur when boy is losing girl and needs to get her back. Either way – the line can fail miserably, or be the one you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

When it comes to great pick up lines – who better to deliver them than Cary Grant, Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise or Jack Lemmon.

“I was bored to death. I hadn’t seen one attractive woman on this ship since we left. Now, isn’t that terrible? I was alarmed. I said to myself, ‘Don’t beautiful women travel anymore?’ And then I saw you, and I was saved – I hope.”
“Tell me, have you been getting results with a line like that, or would I

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A couple of days ago I posed the question, “Plastic or paper?” Are you an e-book reader or do you still like the feel of paper between your hands? Yesterday released the Kindle. This is Amazon’s answer to the iPod for books. Last night,’s CEO Jeff Bezos was talking to Charlie Rose on PBS. Mr. Bezos was deliriously happy because they’d sold out of The Kindle in 5 1/2 hours on opening day. It would appear that readers in fact prefer plastic — to the tune of $399. This is not a cheap device.

E-readers have been in use for a while, with the reader downloading their purchases from their computer. The Kindle is wireless, allowing the reader to download from wherever they can connect to the web. …

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I just finished Blood Brothers, the first book in the Sign of Seven trilogy by Nora Roberts. It’s true, I couldn’t put it down. Once again, Nora has written a story where the characters leap off the page and come to life. She has a way of creating families that make you want to know these people. I’m not going to spoil the story for you, suffice it say, it had me turning the pages, until I came to the end. I knew before I started the book, it was going to be a series, but I dived right in anyway. Now I’m waiting until May for the next release.

When I read C.L. Wilson’s Lord of the Fading Light, I was fortunate to have Lady of Light

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