Ever since I met up with Jane of at the RWA, I have coveted the new iPhone. Oh yeah, she was at the conference with the newly released smart phone. Jane was taking pictures, writing and uploading her blog, surfing the web, listening to music and making calls with her new phone. It has so many delicious features that a girl like me has to have it. Really.

Marisa tells me me I should wait for the next update on the phone before I make the purchase. We are both old Mac users and switched to PC’s a couple of years ago. We discovered that Mac made new innovations to their products quickly making our purchases obsolete. Naturally, Marisa would say, “Wait on it – there’s bound to be …

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The leaves are changing, there’s apple pie in the air and it’s time for a new season with new activities.   The world is filled with color! Brisk walks, making home made soup and curling up with a good book – all on my must do list when Fall comes around.

What about you?  What are some of your favorite things to do in the Fall?

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The new CBS show “Moonlight” introduces Mick St. John a Private Investigator, who was transformed into a vampire about 60 years ago by his ex-wife. I’m guessing they had some issues.

Many people are comparing this show to Josh Weadon’s “Angel”. While I know this is potential blasphemy, I have to say it, I never saw “Angel”.  My older sister Claudia was a complete Angel nut, I’ll have to ask her what she thinks of Moonlight.  But I digress.  Here’s what.  We have a 60 year old vampire who wants to do good by locking up bad guys.  It also appears he has a dark past — what that is,  will probably be slowly revealed as the series unfolds.  Mick’s got a best friend, Josef.  Ahhhh, Josef, now he’s a

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Hollywood uses the term “cute meet” to describe the first time the hero and heroine come together.

This first meeting sets in motion the emotional plot of the story, the ahhh moment, the catch in the throat, the faster heartbeat. The more dramatic and romantic that meeting, the more believable it is for us that this represents a major turning point in the hero’s and heroine’s lives.

If done right, a virtual stage has already been set up before that crucial meeting—where the hero and the heroine are, what time it is, their names, and what they look like—so we can see them and watch the unfolding action. But it’s not just the impactful circumstances of the meeting that make it memorable.

It’s that all important micro-moment—within the first meeting—that …

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In 1739, Elizabeth Timothy became the first woman publisher taking over the South Carolina Gazette.  She hadn’t applied for the job, a head hunter hadn’t sought her out, and she didn’t climb up the ranks from writer to editor to publisher.  No, her husband Lewis passed away leaving the paper to their 13 year old son Peter.  Peter, one of six children wasn’t quite up to the task so Elizabeth stepped in.  Her husband’s partner, Benjamin Franklin respected the way Elizabeth ran the books.

Elizabeth didn’t have it easy.  In addition to finding and writing the stories, keeping the books, getting subscriptions, finding advertisers and keeping the presses running –she had other duties.  Duties that every colonial woman of the time was expected to perform. Now remember – there were

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When I was young, my mother used to tell us stories. She would sit at the foot of our bed at night and talk about life, people, places and ideas. I looked forward to that part of the day and I could listen to her talk forever. My mother gave me a love of stories that made me want to read anything and everything. And with each article, magazine, or book I read, came another tool I could use in life. As I read about what others had done, I too imagined, I could do what they did. I could go further and I could dare to dream.

I am very lucky, both my mother and father are terrific people, and in fact they are my friends. Making sure their

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