As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been having some technical difficulties over the past week. We changed servers and we changed the format of the site. While the format may be invisible to the viewer, for us behind the scenes, there is a lot going on. It was done to make it easier to update the site on a daily basis.

What we’ve discovered is that changing a website is a lot like hiring a contractor to make an addition or renovation to your home. You get all the specs, the bids and you tell the contractor every wonderful thing you’d liked change. Everyone’s happy, plans are drawn up, and then the work begins. Suddenly you realize you’re in renovation hell. It’s like having a giant hole in your ceiling where …

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This weekend at RNTV -we dealt with technical issues, taping a new segment, and finally a moment to go out and see the sky.

We started off the weekend by discovering good news and bad. We have many new visitors to our site, more than we planned for, so we need to switch servers to a dedicated server for RNTV. I know, I know, we just changed servers – well, at least we’ve had the practice as we go through the entire process again. If you should experience any technical difficulties with our site over the next week, bear with us – we’ll be back to normal soon.

On Saturday, Marisa and I taped a new segment featuring Sarah from We had planned to tape both Sarah and …

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For those of you who have seen the “Squawker Reunion” video where I ask these five fabulous romance authors if they’ve ever run out of the house not looking their best and run into someone – well the joke is on me, and I’m not laughing.

I’ve had a terrible cold all week.  The kind where your eyes are bloodshot, your nose is running and basically there are things spilling out of your face that are better left not seen.   Just because I’m sick doesn’t mean I get a day off.  So I trudge into the office this morning and I’m dressed like a dead animal that’s been forgotten on the side of the road oh so many months ago.  Really, no make-up, hair a bit straggely, jeans, sneakers a …

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I am thoroughly convinced that modern love remains the same, no matter how old or how new it is. In his song of that name, David Bowie warns, “don’t believe in modern love.” If you ask me, I think you have to believe in it–it’s been around so very long, how could it be wrong?

Lately I’ve borne witness to modern love of the teenaged variety. Now, I’ve been parenting teens for several years, and rarely do I truly get a glimpse into their cloistered world; my kids usually make certain that I’m excluded from that elite club. However we’ve been hosting French foreign exchanges students over the past week, and because of the many events slated at which host families are requested to be in attendance, I’m getting a …

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All my bathing suits are firmly stored away in the recesses of my closet, and now I’m taking out the bulky sweaters and wool pants. This is a signal that it’s time to eat desserts again. Oh yeah. It’s the only time of year the I feel I can truly justify it. So while I was hankering for some decadent chocolate on chocolate concoction I thought about all the types of desserts there are. And then it hit me — what about Jell-O.

When I was growing up, we rarely ate dessert, basically because my sisters and brother and I were such finicky eaters, we barely made it through the meal. My mother would wring her hands trying to get us to eat something before Social Services took us away …

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It’s nearing the witching hour.  Halloween is right around the corner, and the television networks are gearing up to feature their scariest movies.  I’ve always contended that I didn’t like scarey movies,  that I’m more of a “Mary Poppins” type film watcher.  Then I recalled some of the films I’ve seen in my lifetime, and yes there were quite a few “Oh My God, I’m scared out of my wits” moments.

Admittely I’ve never seen films like Nightmare on Elm Street, Rosemary’s Baby or the Excorcist.  No, I never saw the Excorcist and I never will. Head rotating, pea soup spouting is really more than I can take. Chainsaws, disfigured faces, monsters, and demons are also images I won’t pay money to see.  But, when it comes to scaring the …

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