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    Are You A Flasher? By Buffie
  • Author:
  • Published: Sep 11th, 2007

Don’t be shocked by the question.  I stand in front of you proud to say that I am a
flasher.   I love to flash.  In fact I do it several times a time.  I love the idea of
showing people what I am about.  It is one of those things that I believe everyone should
be doing.   Actually, I think everyone should do it many times a day.

No, I’m not talking about exposing my body to the world.  I don’t think the world could
handle that!   What I am talking about is one of my pet peeves. Flashing, signaling, or
whatever you want to call it . . . please just use your automobile turn signal!!!   It
drives me batty when I am driving through the chaotic traffic of Atlanta and NO ONE is
using their turn signals.    I don’t mind letting you get in front of me if you let me
know you are coming over into my lane before you actually DO it.    I rant about this
particular pet peeve every single day.   In fact, I now have my kids pointing out cars
that do not use their signals.

So, if you are ever in Atlanta . . . please, please use your turn signals. Otherwise you
may just look in your rear view mirror and see me ranting.

Now tell me about one of your pet peeves.

10 Responses to “Are You A Flasher? By Buffie”

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  1. KeiraSoleore
    on Sep 11th, 2007
    @ 1:25 am

    Tailing me in heavy traffic on a dark and stormy night. In fact, tailing me, period. It ticks me off, because it’s so dangerous. There have been times when I’ve had to do a shoulder maneuver or a rapid lane change (without a turn signal, Buffie) when I had to break suddenly, because I knew the car behind me didn’t have the room to stop and would’ve hit me if I’d stayed in it’s path.

  2. KeiraSoleore
    on Sep 11th, 2007
    @ 1:26 am

    Erm. That would be b.r.a.k.e not “break” above. Sheesh!

  3. marisa
    on Sep 11th, 2007
    @ 6:49 am

    Oh,men, love ’em – but what’s with the spitting in the street? You ever see a woman spitting in the street? NO, I tell you. In NYC there are about 200 men spitting in the street at any given time – did they ever hear of a tissue? Yikes, it drives me to insanity.

  4. Andrea
    on Sep 11th, 2007
    @ 8:06 am

    *waving* I use mine!! And this is a pet peeve of mine, too, Buffie. When I see someone who doesn’t signal, I always mutter to myself, “Oh, I guess that model and year didn’t come with a blinker.”

  5. Gannon Carr
    on Sep 11th, 2007
    @ 8:13 am

    I always use my turn signal. It is beyond annoying when people don’t, especially in heavy traffic!

    Pet peeve…hmmm, there could be several, but I’ll just say rude people in general. I don’t know why some people feel compelled to be rude to others for absolutely no reason. Life’s too short for that! At the risk of sounding like I’m lecturing my kids, “Be Nice!”

  6. Maggie Robinson
    on Sep 11th, 2007
    @ 8:33 am

    Ha. I’m the one who has her flasher on miles before I need to, which I imagine drives people equally crazy!

    Pet peeve? Facial piercings. I work in a high school and the kids were busy this summer getting “holy.”

  7. Maria
    on Sep 11th, 2007
    @ 10:08 am

    Yup, people who don’t signal their intentions on the roadway make me nuts – I guess they didn’t learn that in driving school.

    Pet peeve – people who litter and don’t put things in trash cans on the street. Drives me nuts!

  8. MaryKate
    on Sep 11th, 2007
    @ 2:23 pm

    Oh, I’m chock fulla pet peeves. Big ones. In fact, enough that I’m generally embarrassed by them. Easily my biggest pet peeve: tuneless whistling. You know those people who wander around whistling really no tune, just kind of making noise? Yeah, it makes me utterly crazy.

    Also people who eat smelly food in an open office environment. Not all of us enjoy the smell of your fish and chips. Show a little consideration!

    Seriously, this is just getting me started and you’re all probably thinking I’m a kook, so I’ll shut it now.

  9. Maria
    on Sep 11th, 2007
    @ 4:44 pm

    Well Mary Kate now that you mention it – My biggest all time pet peeve would have to be people talking on their cell phones on a commuter bus. I mean really, some people carry on hour long conversations about everything and anything. Sex, food, shopping, etc. Why, oh why do I need to be involved in their conversations? There should be a rule, 2 minute conversations only on a bus, and that is for an emergency, or to let someone know you’ll be home any minute, you’re late for work, or what time they need to pick you up at the station.

  10. Nancy the Romancechick
    on Sep 11th, 2007
    @ 10:34 pm

    I thought only people in Baton Rouge refuse to use their signals. It drives me crazy because to get out of my development I have to wait at a flashing red light. The people coming toward me from the left don’t put on their signals to let me know I could actually turn out. Coming home, the people waiting to leave don’t have their signals on so I can be nice and let them out if need be. Okay, I hate it for other reasons, too.

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