AvatarVirginiaWoolfIn the essay A Room of One’s Own (1929), Virginia Woolf writes, "A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is going to write." I extend Woolf’s concept to: A person must have a space of her own if she is going to live as an individual.

This space that you stake ownership upon need not be a large room. In fact, it could be a hidey hole in the attic of your home or a specific couch in the family room. This space is where you can withdraw to be completely yourself. The guarantee is that it is inviolate and your privacy and access to it is respected by everyone. By definition, this is not a shared space. No one has the right to …

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are defined by the culture – Pop Culture to be more exact.

The Beatles, Mods, Rockers,
the miniskirt and the Pill. Ahh… the
60’s, free love, and life was ‘groovy’.

Then there was the
President who looked us straight in the face and told us he was honest. Oh wait a minute; I could be talking about a
number of Presidents. I mean Nixon and
I’m talking about the 70’s. You remember, bell bottom pants, platform shoes,
Pet Rocks, Perms and the Bee Gee’s.

If you have any
recollection of who Mr. T was, owned a pair of leg warmers, said “Bueller”, and
waited with anticipation for the summer to be over to find out who shot J.R. –
you were definitely alive in the 80’s. Personally, I must

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This looks to be another action packed week here at RNTV! We’re going to be celebrating the release of Karen Hawkin’s latest book, To Scotland, With Love!

Watch our author interviews as:

Karen Hawkins tells us her favorite reasons for working from home!

Gina Bernal gives us some of her favorite August picks!

Karen Hawkins talks about her MacLean Curse series!

Anna Campbell tells us about Claiming the Courtesan

Our Guest Author – Karen Hawkins will be here all week long to talk about her books and those MacLeans! One lucky reader will win a signed copy of How To Abduct a Highland Lord!

Contests and Prizes

In addition to Karen Hawkins giving away an authographed copy of How To Abduct a Highland Lord, make sure

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I’m from New York. We carry pocket books. In other parts of the country they carry
purses. But let’s face it girls, by any name it’s really a  suitcase masquerading as a pocket book or purse.

There’s a reason
for this – we need things. Heaven forbid
I should be caught without my tweezerman, or my tree sized blush brush. I mean really, I need those Band-Aids,
toothpicks, lipstick, compact, mascara, comb, sewing kit, emery board, cell phone, notebook, pens, pens, pens, vitamin C, and always,
always a romance novel to hand. What if
I have to wait at the bank, or in an office or for a cab – gotta have something to read.

 So, fess up girls – what’s in your purse?

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is a list of interesting facts occurring from three specific years. Guess all three years and win a book!

what year did…

inaugurate "You’ll wonder where the yellow went" ad campaign.

Brewery introduces Busch beer

Britain abolishes the death penalty.

introduces the "Does She or Doesn’t She" advertising campaign.
"Only her hairdresser knows for sure."

The bulky knit coat-sweater  became fashionable

what year did…

Springsteen release his album, Born To Run

launches first disposable Razor

The Wheel of Fortune premieres

Perms are all the rage

Jean King wins Wimbledon

CBS and NBC agree to create a "family hour," an early evening time
slot that is free of violence and sex.

what year did…

Ellen plan

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Thank goodness I can still go to a bookstore or a library and read a book. A book with written words, sentences and
cohesive thoughts. If I stayed on-line
all day, I might just forget what language is – or least how to use it.

I’ve been on the internet a lot lately and I
find myself asking our incredible Production Manager Kim to decipher the ‘words/terms’
I simply do not understand. I feel as if
I’m studying a foreign language. I
actually asked Kim what ‘IMO’ meant. Well now I know what the whole world knows, IMO means In My Opinion,
mystery solved. Of course we all know
what LMAO means – right? “Laugh My Ass
Off” and there’s
TTYL, Talk To You Later.

Remember when someone asked

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