My boys are back in school and once again the focus of my
life shifts to the car line. My kids
are always excited to go back to school, to see their friends, and pick up
their social life where they left it at the end of May. I, too, am excited to see the kids back in
school. Mainly because I like to be on a
routine. So in the afternoon, I sit
and wait in a car line that snakes through the school parking lot. Those 15 minutes of waiting are
peaceful. The quiet solitude of my
mini-van calls to me. And I find I can
read another chapter or two in the book I am currently devouring. I become engrossed, traveling through time
and seeing a romance …

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When reading a romance, most people want –
no – demand a happy ending. But, when it
comes to romantic movies – audiences can be completely satisfied even when the
couple never gets their HEA.

When Robert Redford played a two-timing, ‘take
it where he can get it,’ kind of guy, who eventually flew off never to return
in “Out of Africa” – Audiences didn’t stomp out of the theater asking for a
refund because Meryl was left standing alone at his grave site.

And again, Meryl didn’t get her man in “Bridges
of Madison County”. The romance lasted three days, and she was left with working
the farm and her memories. After many
more years all she had left was a dead husband, a dead lover – and then

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AvatarLadyDianaHeadshotPublic displays of affection are not the norm for London. Yet, on two occasions, July 29, 1981 and September 6, 1997, thousands of people thronged the streets, and billions watched on telly, as the person they adored swept by, the first time for her wedding and the second time for her funeral.

LadyDianaMotherFriday is the tenth death anniversary of Diana, the People’s Princess. She won the hearts of millions of people and loosened the moral strictures of hidebound society by not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk. LadyDianaRedCrossFrom a shy bride to a devoted mother to a passionate campaigner, the Princess of Wales didn’t just transform herself, she changed a country. She was one of the first symbols of "girl power" — despite her desire for something …

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The last week of August is upon us and Romance Novel TV has some special guests visiting.

Our videos this week include an inteview with author Anna Campbell. It was only after she gave up writing that Anna discovered how much writing was a part of who she was.

Gina’s Picks for August continues. Since it is the last week of August, we have Gina Bernal, editor of Rhapsody Book Club, giving us her final 6 picks for the month.

Let’s give a warm welcome to Guest Author Lorraine Heath. She’ll be here all week long to talk about her new release Just Wicked Enough. She’ll also be giving away a mug and a copy of her lastest release to some lucky winner. So make sure …

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There are many joys to being married – no doubt.  BUT, one of things that has really tried my patience over the years is an annoying habit my DH has of saying he’s done the laundry.  He says it as though I should be extremely happy that he’s done a great, big, huge, gigantic thing.  Does he not wear clothes and underwear?.  Do these too need to be washed?  The answer would be yes.  So why wouldn’t he do the laundry – half the stuff in hamper belongs to him. 

But, I digress – the point is he doesn’t really do the laundry, he only washes the clothes.  Here’s what I mean.  He washes the clothes, puts them in the dryer and dumps them in a basket.  Occasionally, he’ll walk …

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Ahhh Romance!  Before the Happily Ever After, during the Happily Ever After and after the Happily Ever After, we can run into rough spots.  Some women, in fact quite a few, don’t think that Man is all that and a chocolate bon bon.  Here’s what some women had to say:

"If you want anything said, ask a man.  If you want anything done, ask a woman."
Margaret Thatcher

"I only like two kinds of men:  Domestic and Imported."
Mae West

"If love means never having to say you’re sorry, then marriage means always having to say everything twice.  Husbands, due to an unknown quirk in the universe, never hear you the first time."
Estelle Getty

"If men had their periods; Tampax would be freely dispensed on every street corner."

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