We’ve had the opportunity to speak with many romance authors over the past several weeks.  Did I mention I LOVE my job

During an interview there are a few questions I like to ask that refer to Pop Culture. Questions like -what’s your favorite TV Show, favorite music, movie, male star, etc.  The kinds of things a writer likes to enjoy when they are  not writing terrific stories or under a terrific deadline.  I got some pretty interesting answers. 

Nora Roberts, Marjorie M. Lui, Trish Milburn and Kathryn Smith seem to be big  Josh Weadon  and Buffy fans. 

Roxanne St. Claire is waiting for the new season of LOST to start – Roxanne they’re gonna make us wait until February to find out how they got off the island. In …

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You all know that Maria, Kim and I have a great love of romance novels.  We can’t get enough of them!  So this month we decided to have a "Start Your Book" forum on our message board.  However, Kim got a little carried away – yikes!  She had so many ideas that we had to break the forum into sub-forums.  She also invited some very special authors to participate – to tell their stories about how they got published and answer questions about the writing process.  She’s invited:

  • Lori Avocato
  • Michelle Bardsley
  • Elizabeth Boyle
  • Terri Brisbin
  • Anna Campbell
  • Dakota Cassidy
  • Sheila Goss
  • Kristen Higgins
  • Eloisa James
  • Katherine Caskie
  • Joyceln Kelly
  • Edith Layton
  • Lindsay McKenna
  • Pamela Palmer
  • Jenna Petersen
  • Caridad Pinero
  • Terri Ridgell
  • Gena Showalter
  • Kathryn Smith
  • Jennifer St.Giles
  • Lori Wilde
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If you go to Dallas – you gotta ride the Bull.  So that’s exactly what Romance Novel TV did.  Well not exactly, we went, we filmed it, and we had a great time at the Red River.  So here’s my version of what took place. 

Our crew consisting of myself, Ana our camera woman, and Kate our Production Associate met Sophia Nash, Kathryn Caskie, Pamela Palmer, Diane Gaston, Hope Tarr and Terri Ridgell in the lobby of the Hyatt in Dallas. 

Scene One, Take One:
Sophia and the gang march out of the lobby and hop inside of a big blue van. The van happened to be sitting in the front of the hotel and it was not waiting for us.  Sophia, ever the professional and not wanting to stop …

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Marisa, Kim and I attended our first RWA Conference this year – and it was a total blast!

Hundreds and hundreds of romance authors – what’s not to love!

Most days we were in rooms interviewing authors, our favorite thing to do.  Other days we had a chance to meet some fabulous people, like Candy and Sarah from Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels, one of the Ja(y)ne’s from Dear Author…, Jax from Romance Divas and Sybil from The Good The Bad and The Unread.

In the coming weeks and months you’ll see some exciting interviews – A Squawker’s Reunion, a Paranormal Party with Kerrilyn Sparks, Kathryn Smith and newcomer Jeaniene Frost.  We’ll also have a new Girl Talk segment with P.C Cast and Lori Avacato hosted …

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