Somewhere around the turn of the century, people realized that if they were going to sell lots of product, then  ‘word of mouth’ wouldn’t be enough.  Enter the advertisers. Clever people and companies that create your slogans, write your copy and design your art work in a effort to get the message out to a large number of people.

But — sometimes I wonder, I just wonder what are they selling?Budwiser_2_2

Can you find the hidden beer bottle in this ad? Neither can I. I guess she’ll have a sip after she finishes sun bathing.

Versace Was it the apple — or was the dress just too damn tight after she had that one tiny little bite?


It seems obvious to me that I need to purchase this perfume

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Alpahbet If you are anything like me, you probably keep a list of every book you have ever read.  I began my list back in 2004, and boy do I wish I had started sooner.  I just have to have my list when I go to the used bookstore so that I don’t buy the same book again.  And believe me, I have done that a few times!

So this morning I was looking through my Excel spreadsheet of books and authors and thought, wouldn’t it be great to read through the alpahbet using the last name of authors.  Maybe I better clarify that… see my list is by author and then by book.  So for the letter "A" I have read Victoria Alexander, for the letter "B" I have read …

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