Okay – for all you Disney Fans out there – try your hand at this!

1)  In The Sword in the Stone, what does Merlin call "The Greatest Force on Earth"?

2)  In Aladdin, what is the name of Jasmine’s pet tiger?

3)  When does Mary Poppins say she will leave the Banks’ house?

4)  What town is the setting for the Disney Movie "The Love Bug?"

5)  In the Lion King, where does Mufasa and his family live?

6)  What author wrote the book that the animated feature The Jungle Book is based on?

7)  In Peter Pan, Captain Hook had a hook on which one of his hands?

Have fun! The answers will be revealed later tonight.

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My husband’s family lives in Minnesota. We don’t see them often, but when we do it’s a time to reminisce.  Out come the old photos and letters and postcards.  My mother-in-law has letters from her family that were written at the turn of the century.  Some of these letters are written by children while on vacation to other family members back home.  These letters are filled with details about their travels, what they did during the day, what the weather was, oh just about anything and everything.

It got me thinking – I don’t write letters anymore.  I did, once upon a time – but now, with phones and text messaging and the ubiquitous e-mail, why write a letter.  Even my parents are connected to the www, and I phone …

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With RWA right around the corner and thousands of women around the country prepping for the big week, there’s lots to do.  Dusting off the gowns, packing the right shoes, finding the perfect outfit.

With all this preparation, It got me thinking – sometimes things don’t always worked out as planned.

I remember going on a vacation with so many expectations only to have my bags arrive 4 days later.  On a five day stay, it’s a bit late, don’t you think?  My perfect bathing suit, the one that hides all sins didn’t arrive. The dresses I had so painstakingly purchased, the cute little strappy sandals, the perfect white pants… none of it arrived.  You really don’t want to know what I walked around in for four days – I …

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I recently watched for the umpteenth time the BBC version of
Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
with Colin Firth (swoon) and Jennifer Ehle. It’s a BBC series I can’t seem to get enough of. – it’s a wonderful
romance filled with misconception, suspense, great language and a happy ending.

I’m not writing a book review; I want to talk about the
various film and television versions of the book. It was first adapted to the screen in 1940
and starred Greer Garson and Sir Laurence Olivier. This version is a classic
black and white film, and the director, Robert Leonard created a madcap romp
through Austin’s
prose. I personally love both actors and was satisfied with this “Hollywood” version, until
the BBC created their television adaptation.

This version has given …

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It’s the beginning of Summer and the end of the week – let’s have a little fun.  Test your wits by answering the trivia questions below.  I’ll post the answers at the end of the day.

1.  Christopher Columbus brought them back from the Islands to Spain.  They grew in popularity because of their ability to provide safety.
a)     machetes
b)     hammocks
c)     umbrellas

2.  It’s color is deep blue and it is currently housed in the Smithsonian.  It is legendary for the curse it supposedly puts on whoever posses it.
a)     The Hope Diamond
b)     The Byzantine Cross
c)    The Bismarck Sapphire

3.  On Three’s Company, what city did the trio live in?
a)     San Diego
b)     Santa Monica
c)     …

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Being a woman in the 21st century has it’s disadvantages, like
having to excel at multi-tasking 24 hours a day. BUT, there are distinct advantages to be a
member of the female gender –

1. We can multi-task – it seems to be a gene we’re
born with.

2. We get to wear make-up and we have way more
clothing and accessory options.

3. We can be a CEO and a mom at the same time.
(That may fall under the multi-tasking category.)

4. We create life.

5. We nurture life.

6. We can buy People Magazine at the grocery store.

7.  We
have girlfriends we can depend on.

8. We can read romance novels out in the open.


list is endless –

your favorite thing about being a woman.

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