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    Ten Things I Like About Each Day
  • Author:
  • Published: Apr 21st, 2007
  1. It’s another day.
  2. I get to correct mistakes I made.
  3. I decide not to correct mistakes I made.
  4. Right before I open my eyes I can look forward to the possibility that the sun will be shining.
  5. I get to see people I love.
  6. Coffee.
  7. Did I mention coffee already?
  8. The day is new – I can create anything I want.
  9. The possibility of meeting new people.
  10. The opportunity to learn something I didn’t know before.

Sun_riseWhat are some to the things you like about a new day?

2 Responses to “Ten Things I Like About Each Day”

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  1. KeiraSoleore
    on Apr 22nd, 2007
    @ 1:39 am

    I love this sort of a post. Just reading your post made me start breathing a little slower, a little deeper.

    1. I’m well rested and the pain for once is not as fierce
    2. The sunning is shinning
    3. Breakfast and a steaming cup of hot coffee are next to me on my desk as I start by blog roll.
    4. I laugh, I chuckle, and my mood starts now. Happy. At peace.
    5. “Mama, my Mama.” Nothing beats that glorious welcoming at school door in the afternoon.
    6. We walk home, talking about her day, my day, and what we want to do the rest of the day. We negotiate. Finally, we agree with something that workds for both of us.
    7. Constant random comments, and once in a while a really clever comment that always has the tendency of pulling me back in admiration. Out of blue, a joke will be delivered with a stragight face that I’m complete taken in. Even when I’m laughing at my own gullible self, the cleverness of the comment never fails to leave its impression.
    8. Working out at Curves
    9. Learning something new
    10. Some time to my myself

  2. marisa
    on Apr 22nd, 2007
    @ 7:15 am

    1. Seeing my family.
    2. Visiting or talking with my friends.
    3. Geting to do the work that I love.
    4. Having that first ice cold Coke a Cola of the day.
    5. Taking a walk – having it be quiet, no phones, no computers, just a little solitude.
    6. The chance that I might be able to work on a craft project and maybe even finish it.
    7. The chance to read a good book.
    8. The possiblity of laughing.
    9. The possiblity of having great conversation.
    10. Dusk – my favorite time of day. Makes me take a deep breath and allows time for reflection of the day that is done and the day yet to come (Did not mean to rhyme there).

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