It’s simple. It’s easy. And yes, it’s a 12-step program.

Step 1: The Introduction.  I was introduced to romance by mistake.  Yep, a big fat mistake.  I had started a new job and in an effort to "get to know" the ladies in the office I suggested we start a book club.  This was around the time that Oprah’s Book Club was huge so everyone was receptive to the idea.  Our book was chosen by random drawing of the top ten list that week.  The random drawing winner was The Wedding by Julie Garwood.  None of us knew it was a romance, let alone a historical romance.

Step 2: The First Taste.  I began my journey of reading with an open mind.  The first chapter was pretty good, …

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There are many, many different types of themes and sub-genres in a romance novel.  We all have our favorites, our tried and true – the settings/times/places that resonate.  I know Maria would run across hot oil in her bare feet for a time travel romance. I on the other hand am torn between a vampire romance, an historical/regency romance, and romantic suspense novels. There are so many to choose from – a theme for everyone. There is:

  • Vampires
  • Reincarnation
  • Plain Jane
  • Childhood Sweethearts
  • Bad Girls
  • Time-Travel Romances
  • Mail-Order Brides
  • Undercover Agents
  • Pirates
  • Romances Set in Texas
  • Rags to Riches/Riches to Rags
  • Doctors and Nurses
  • Revenge
  • Bad Boys
  • Vampires
  • Nursing Back to Health
  • Marriage of Convenience
  • And that’s just to name a few.

    What’s your favorite?

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    I recently read an on-line article by S. Thompson who stated that there were only two types of heroines in a romance novel.

    1. “…the girl next door. She’s pretty, sweet, a little naive and she has a tomboyish nature.  She probably has rather poor taste in men and prefers ‘bad boys’ to her perfect boy-next-door counterpart, who will eventually become the hero.”

    2. “…Xena, for lack of a better word.  She’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lara Croft and the Warrior Princess all rolled into one.  She’s tough, self-sufficient, a little hard, and she doesn’t want a man to save her even though she wants to fall in love.”

    While these two archetypes do exist in romance novels – I believe that between Gidget and Xena …

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    Avatar_3These aren’t skimpy covers for your books, nor is there a blush factor in owning one.

    A book thong is simply jewelry for your book. It’s a beaded bookmark where the part that is inside the book is a wire or a string, hence the name, and the embellishments hang outside the book above and below the spine.

    Book thongs don’t scar the spine; they don’t fall out; and they snugly hold your spot on the page where you last stopped reading. As with all jewelry, they make your books sparkle when stacked together and add beauty to your bookcase.


    The sturdy thongs are made of thin, rounded metal wires, crocheted cotton thread, waxed linen cords, leather, ribbon, hemp, or vinyl. The beads are of glass, wood, semi-precious gemstones, seeds, …

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    1. It’s another day.
    2. I get to correct mistakes I made.
    3. I decide not to correct mistakes I made.
    4. Right before I open my eyes I can look forward to the possibility that the sun will be shining.
    5. I get to see people I love.
    6. Coffee.
    7. Did I mention coffee already?
    8. The day is new – I can create anything I want.
    9. The possibility of meeting new people.
    10. The opportunity to learn something I didn’t know before.

    Sun_riseWhat are some to the things you like about a new day?

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    Recently I was doing some research for a television program I’m working on, and I stumbled across a message board where a man was asking for advice.

    Here’s how it goes —  he’s married and has a child on the way.   Several months ago he received an e-mail from an old high school flame.  She’s married with two children.  She says she’s a golf widow and he says his wife is a workaholic.  They start regular communication via e-mail.  The correspondence leans toward the validation of each other as well as sharing their hopes and dreams for the future.  They do not tell their respective spouses about this.  He asks the participants of the message board if this would be considered an affair.

    After reading this, my immediate reaction was, …

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