Music_cartoon_lady_sigingI don’t know about you – but whenever I’m blue, or down, or just a bit dispersed, I get in my car, roll up the windows and crank the radio LOUD.  And then, I sing.  I mean I SING, like a hallelujah chorus.  Somehow, it always magically lifts me out of my doldrums.  It reminds me of that scene in Jerry McGuire where he lands the opportunity to represent the young football player and he drives back to the airport in his rental car singing at the top of his lungs and tapping out the beat on the steering wheel.  Oh yeah, music is like magic, it can turn around any situation, get you out of yourself and even make you feel like anything is possible.

Some people have their …

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Romance Novel TV recently filmed J.R. Ward’s book signing in New Jersey. The place was packed Dark_lover_small_2an she answered questions for over an hour.  Afterwards, she signed books and talked to the fans, and signed books and talked to fans, and then signed some more books and talked to more fans.Lover_eternal_small_4

What struck me, were the questions the audience asked. No one really wanted to know how to become a writer, or what the it takes to become a writer, or any questions you normally hear at a book signing.  The audience was completely involved in the world she has created in her paranormal series The Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Lover_awakend_small For those of you who aren’t familiar with the series, four books have been released, Lover_revealed_small_1Dark Lover, Lover Eternal, Lover Awakened, …

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First they tried to sell us the straight leg jeans – I mean really, did they think the majority of women across the U.S. were going to hit the gym and instantly loose ten pounds?  Did they think that those of us who hover around 5’3" would look good in straight leg jeans?Button_up_the_jeans_1 I admit, I thought about it.  I figured, if they were selling ’em, I was buying.  But then I actually tried on a pair, well that’s a euphemism, I never tried them on because they didn’t get past my hips.  They neglected to say in the advertisement that the waist on these new straight legged jeans were made for a twelve year old.  Well, I don’t have to tell you, that was an idea that crashed and …

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