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  • Published: Mar 29th, 2007

Sale_sign I can not resist a store window with the letters S-A-L-E.  Somehow those letters magically call my name, even from a distance.

Last week I was with my girlfriend Sandy, when we happenedSale_sign_2 to see those four magical letters in big bold red type screaming my name like a long lost love.  So we changed course, went into the store and made a b-line for the clearance rack each working opposite ends. Three minutes later, we both popped up to show off the great sweater we’d found – it happened to be the identical sweater.  Just to prove what great shoppers we were we yelled out the price, only to find out that my sweater was marked at a greater discount.  Now I love a bargain just as much as the next gal; in fact I pride myself on saving whenever I shop – can you say ‘can can’ sale?  You know the supermarket sales where cans of tomato sauce are 7 for a dollar, or paper towels are 12 for $3.99.  I’m the woman whose shopping cart has more tomato sauce than you could use in a whole year of cooking every single night and enough paper towels to wall paper my dinning room.  But I digress – back to my point. Sale_sign_red Bargains, oh yeah, well a bargain is one thing, but a mistake is another.  So I approached the sales clerk and asked her to check on the discrepancy between the two sweaters.  After checking, she said, that my sweater did seem to be marked incorrectly, but there was nothing she could do about it.  All sale items are bar-coded tags and they ring up on the register based on the bar code; so she wasn’t able to change the price.  We eventually solved our dilemma by purchasing both sweaters and splitting the difference between us on the savings.

So – my fellow shoppers, if you went to a store and found an item that was marked incorrectly, what would you do?

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