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  • Published: Mar 28th, 2007

My husband put his cell phone in the washing machine.  Not on purpose, but there it sloshed until the final rinse cycle – it wasn’t a very pretty death, but it was a very clean death.

I went with him to get a new one and discovered that my contractPhone_many_cell_phones was up. Oh happy days, I could purchase a new phone without spending an arm and donating a body part.  I began looking; what did I need?   The choices seemed a bit endless, and some even seemed ridiculous.  You can get a camera phone, a music phone, a smart phone, oh my!  Choices, choices, and more choices.  There are phones for entertainment, phones for e-mail and text messaging, and phones that even let you make phone calls.

Phone_waiting_by_black_rotaryCell phones for entertainment – I’m going to take that one head on.  Do I look like someone who would get entertainment from my phone?  Nah. I’m from the era where you had an answering service.  For those of you who are too young to know, there weren’t any machines in my early vibrant years.  You either waited by the phone for dream boy to call, or you paid for a service – mostly used by actors or sales people – or you simply missed the call.  In this age of uber-techno, can you imagine a phone ringing and ringing with no voice mail or answering machine to pick up?  Well where do you think the expression “ringing off the hook” comes form?  I am sure I was the last person in my neighborhood, town and city to buy a DVD player, so it’s not likely I’m looking to my phone for amusement.  No, I want it to make phone calls and keep a list of phone numbers. I don’t need a cute ring tone, I don’t need music, I don’t need to send anyone a text message, I don’t even need it to show me a video or other claims.  I just want to be able to talk and be heard.  I don’t want the service to crap out, and I don’t want to keep asking “can you hear me now?”.  I just want a plain phone, and in this day of uber-tech, seems like I’m asking for a lot.

So, tell me – what do you want your cell phone to do?

4 Responses to “CELL PHONES”

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  1. terrio
    on Mar 28th, 2007
    @ 11:57 am

    I admit I changed phones because I wanted cute little ring tones. I wanted the real songs to come out of my phone. I don’t need video or text messaging though my friends insist on texting me. The message they usually get back is “Just call me!”

    My phone does take pictures but not very good ones and I don’t know how to get the pictures out of the phone to possibly enjoy them. So I either forget I have the capability all together or I just say the heck with it.

    This reminds me, my 7 year old was lamenting the other day that her 9 year old cousin has her own cell phone and she doesn’t. I informed her it was going to stay that way for a long time to come. She felt this was totally unfair. I thought I had a few more years before my child starting using the totally unfair complaint. *sigh* Heaven help me….

  2. Maria
    on Mar 28th, 2007
    @ 12:11 pm

    Terrio – yup, my phone takes photos too, now what? I suppose it’s the solution to whipping photos out of your wallet.

  3. Michelle
    on Mar 28th, 2007
    @ 9:15 pm

    Well, my husband and I are in the stone age when it comes to cell phones. Simple truth is: I want one, he doesn’t. So I take the steo back, don’t ask, plead, or beg for one.

    But IF I had a cell phone, it would have a standard feature: To use the phone, just like you. hehehe.

  4. kywrite
    on Apr 3rd, 2007
    @ 8:08 pm

    I want a phone that either does nothing but act as a phone — the old-generation cellphones are enough for me — or that I can actually use as a word processor, ebook screen, and maybe MP3 player. The games, internet capability, cute little ringtones, cameras — I can do without them.

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