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    Me annoying? Never!
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  • Published: Mar 27th, 2007

Okay – so Marisa doesn’t know I’m writing this blog, and please don’t tell her.

Marisa and I do a lot of traveling in the car together.  Mostly me driving, alright, all of the time I’m driving.  Marisa does drive when she has to, but she’s not a big fan of getting behind the wheel, so if there’s someone else who can stick the key in, knows where drive and reverse are, she’s happy to take the passenger seat.  However, whenever I’m behind the wheel I silently drive her towards insanity with each passing mile.Woman_scared_cartoon First of all, I like to look at people when I’m talking to them, even while I’m driving.  Marisa and I are great chatter boxes and we amuse each other endlessly; seriously, Marisa can make me guffaw at the drop of a hat.  Invariably she’ll start telling me a story while we’re driving, and I’ll look straight at her as I respond.  This absolutely makes her crazy, she’ll start by opening her eyes as wide as possible and look straight ahead at the road; and if I don’t get the hint, she’ll point to the road and, and if I’m still yapping or laughing (and of course looking at her instead of the road), she’ll grit her teeth and say “don’t look at me!”  It’s taken several years, and there are times I still forget, but I’m getting much better at looking where I’m going when we’re in the car.

There are other things I do that she finds a bit annoying.  I sometimes talk on the phone while I’m driving.  However, I always manage to leave my cell phone in my purse, in the back seat, and don’t remember it’s there until it starts ringing. So what’s a person to do?  Exactly – I keep driving while I reach around with my hand blindly trying to reach my purse and answer my phone before they hang up.  Of course this is more than she can bear; so she’ll lunge for it and haul it into the front seat and onto my lap.  Then there’s the whole search and siege procedure, digging through the papers, make-up, combs, etc. to find my cell phone at the bottom of my bag.  At this point she’s literally beside herself — there are no longer twins in the car, there are triplets.  I’m aware she’s none too happy, but I’ve got to answer the phone.  Invariably I’ll also be looking for the address to our final destination – yikes! She is now completely in another universe, because she cannot understand that I’m feeling perfectly fine multi-tasking.  She certainly doesn’t mind if I multi-task as long as I’m not behind the wheel, and she’s not in the car.  Often times, I perceive she wants to scream so hard and so loud, “Maria, quit it!!”  But no, she maintains somewhat of a calm exterior, even when I notice her foot is on the imaginary brake.  But each time I drop her off at home she always says, “Thanks for doing all the driving.”Woman_driving_2_old_fashsioned

So there, I’ve said it out loud, I actually am an annoying driver – I admit it.  And now I’ve purged, I’m going  to change my evil ways.  Marisa -you are going to see the kinder gentler side of my driving abilities, Miss Daisy here we come.

What about you – any annoying habits that drive your loved ones around the bend??

5 Responses to “Me annoying? Never!”

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  1. Kim
    on Mar 27th, 2007
    @ 8:33 am

    OMG! LMAO. This is hilarious! SO, that’s all the ruckus I hear everytime I call you *g*

    Having a mother who totally site sees while driving. Marisa, you have my sympathies! LOL.

    Maria–you are too too funny!

  2. Marisa
    on Mar 27th, 2007
    @ 9:08 am

    Maria, here I thought I was hiding my emotions so well. You are never annoying, just a bit ‘driven’ – you definitely bring multi-tasking to a whole new art form. As you know, I just happen to like focusing on one thing at a time. Makes us a perfect pair. BTW, I’m looking forward to being driven like Miss Daisy.

  3. terrio
    on Mar 27th, 2007
    @ 10:15 am

    This is too funny. It actually took me a sec to get the no longer twins but triplets part. LMAO!!

    I’m practically a professional driver at this point – driving 40,000 miles in 8 months will do that for you – and I always end up being the driver most everywhere I go. I just feel better being the one in control. I can no longer ride with my father since he is hell bent on hitching a ride up everyone else’s tailpipe. He takes road rage to a whole new level.

    My mother is the worst to ride with though, as your passenger. For some reason, she feels the need to read everysingle sign and billboard outloud as if no one else in the car is literate. And if we see the same sign more than once – yep – she’ll read it all over again. I call her the Queen of pointing out the obvious. My sister has never driven (38 with no license) so she has to ride around with my mother. It’s no wonder she has so many gray hairs.

  4. Janga
    on Mar 27th, 2007
    @ 7:23 pm

    I hate driving too, Marisa. One of the first things I plan to do when I win the lottery is hire a good-looking chauffeur. 🙂 Unfortunately, right now I have to drive between 500 and 700 miles a week, and the experience transforms me. Most of the time I am a gentle spirit who likes people, treats them kindly, and finds life generally pleasant. Driving transforms me into a foul-mouthed demon who is convinced that the two states I drive in must give drivers’ licenses to a disproportionate number of idiots.

  5. Keira Soleore
    on Mar 27th, 2007
    @ 10:34 pm

    Marisa, yes, me, too. I don’t like driving, but I’m a nervous passenger.

    Terrio: That was hilarious!

    Janga: I like your priorities. The good-looking part is clearly more important than the chauffeur’s driving ability.

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