Sale_sign I can not resist a store window with the letters S-A-L-E.  Somehow those letters magically call my name, even from a distance.

Last week I was with my girlfriend Sandy, when we happenedSale_sign_2 to see those four magical letters in big bold red type screaming my name like a long lost love.  So we changed course, went into the store and made a b-line for the clearance rack each working opposite ends. Three minutes later, we both popped up to show off the great sweater we’d found – it happened to be the identical sweater.  Just to prove what great shoppers we were we yelled out the price, only to find out that my sweater was marked at a greater discount.  Now I love a bargain just as much as …

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My husband put his cell phone in the washing machine.  Not on purpose, but there it sloshed until the final rinse cycle – it wasn’t a very pretty death, but it was a very clean death.

I went with him to get a new one and discovered that my contractPhone_many_cell_phones was up. Oh happy days, I could purchase a new phone without spending an arm and donating a body part.  I began looking; what did I need?   The choices seemed a bit endless, and some even seemed ridiculous.  You can get a camera phone, a music phone, a smart phone, oh my!  Choices, choices, and more choices.  There are phones for entertainment, phones for e-mail and text messaging, and phones that even let you make phone calls.

Phone_waiting_by_black_rotaryCell phones for …

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Okay – so Marisa doesn’t know I’m writing this blog, and please don’t tell her.

Marisa and I do a lot of traveling in the car together.  Mostly me driving, alright, all of the time I’m driving.  Marisa does drive when she has to, but she’s not a big fan of getting behind the wheel, so if there’s someone else who can stick the key in, knows where drive and reverse are, she’s happy to take the passenger seat.  However, whenever I’m behind the wheel I silently drive her towards insanity with each passing mile.Woman_scared_cartoon First of all, I like to look at people when I’m talking to them, even while I’m driving.  Marisa and I are great chatter boxes and we amuse each other endlessly; seriously, Marisa can make …

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Head on over to our message board asMystery_author every week Romance Novel TV reveals a new mystery author.  We have some amazing authors lined up  – come on over and spend the weekDesperate_duchess_2 trying to guess who are guest author is. Ask questions, view the answers, and if you guess right you’ll be eligible for a prize.  Just send a private message to KIM (our wonderful administrator) and she’ll let you know if you’ve guessed right and if you’ve won.

Last week we had a visit from  Eloisa James and she had us going!  She remained a mystery to most of us until the very end.

This week I believe our new mystery author will continue to keep us guessing.

We also have a guest author Vicki Pettersson joining us …

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Busy_week_2 It’s been a hectic, crazy week.  Seems like as soon as I finished one thing, I was off to finish something else.  While in the middle of the millions of things that had to be done a stray thought passed through my universe, and it said “I need a moment”.  And it was true, I did need a moment.  I didn’t want another day to pass without doing something for myself.  I know, sounds selfish right?  But every once in a while, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to maintain some semblance of sanity.  So, instead of being at the computer, or on the phone, or at my desk for one more minute, I took myself out and drove myself to the movies.  I went to see …

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Here at Romance Novel TV, we are in the process of filming a new segment called “A Day in the Life”.  This segment is going to feature a first time romance author.  We have been following her exciting journey from the beginningWriting_journey_4 – from getting her book published to getting her book onto the shelves.

We’ve met with the author and it’s been a fascinating time watching (and filming) as she meets with her editor, talks to the marketing department, and reviews the cover for her new book.  She’s let us into her world as we follow her around and watch what it’s like to be a newly published author.

Are any of you aspiring writers?  Tell us about your journey.

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