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    As The World Turns
  • Author:
  • Published: Feb 20th, 2007

In aFlying_nun_1 world full of high tech, fast food, computer generated techno speak – sometimes the world is a blur of images and impressions.  Sometimes I ask myself; how did I get "HERE" so fast? During the whirlwind of information and technology, the ingenues in the movies I adored have become the mothers of the ingenues I now adore.   I mean when did the Flying Nun turn 60?  Wasn’t it only yesterday she was on the beach with Moon Doggie?  What Happened?   When did my cell phone turn into a television?  When did my car start talking to me to get me safely from one destination to another?  When did my siblings and I become responsible adults and parents?  Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was pondering what dress to wear to school so that Gary would think I was cute?Schoolgirl_1

My world has become a blur of activity, color, sights and sounds.  It moves fast, fast, fast.  And when I stop – and take a look – something is new, something is different, and something has changed.  Sometimes I don’t remember the processes that lead up to the change, only the momentous change itself.  Each change becomes a ‘highlight’ in my life – like a graph or chart.  Now, as I look at the highlights thus far in my life – I try to remember what path got me to each point.  And when I do remember – I smile, because after all, the journey may have been sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, but always worth the trip.

Tell me what’s changed for you – what are the ‘highlights’ on the graph of your life?

2 Responses to “As The World Turns”

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  1. Maria Lokken
    on Feb 20th, 2007
    @ 8:17 pm

    hmm…I’d have to say wrinkle cream. It just doesn’t work the way it used to! Darn!

  2. Kim
    on Feb 21st, 2007
    @ 9:26 am

    Interesting topic, Marisa. For me, I measure everything by my son. Oh, that happened when Anthony was really into Teen age Mutant Ninga Turtles. Yesterday Gil and I were trying to date some event and I said it was 10 years ago because Anthony was in Kindergarten and I’d been the class mom that day.
    And I think for as fast as the world turns and changes it still really does stay the same. Just the other day I saw a movie trailer for a new Teen age Mutant Ninja Turtle movie and my little boy was getting excited about it. Even though he’s a teen ager himself now. See, it all really does stay the same.
    You just have to remember to stop and enjoy the good time. You also have to know when you’re in the middle of a good time.
    Whoa, that got really long winded. Sorry!

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