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    Making a Commitment Isn’t Always Easy
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  • Published: Nov 7th, 2011

never love a highlanderLife is happening at warp speed these days, and although I would like to, making long term commitments isn’t always feasible. Sometimes sticking it out for years and years with a certain hero and heroine or a group of brothers or sisters just doesn’t fit into my busy lifestyle. So rather than committing to ten or more books in a series I sometimes opt for the trilogy like i did for this guide on tile saws. Trilogies are great; they have the best of both possible worlds. They have a continuing story arc but don’t take a decade or more to resolve. The underlying action, tension or mystery along with the characters carries the story arc throughout each book and I know that by the end of book three I’ll have all my questions answered.  It’s a short term commitment that I can live with. READ FULL ARTICLE AT B&N HEART TO HEART BLOG.

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