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    Suzanne Brockman – Redefining Normal – Part Two
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  • Published: Nov 1st, 2011

sb 2In the second part of my interview with author Suzanne Brockmann we talk about her book “All Through the Night” and a  favorite character in the Troubleshooters series.


Author Suzanne Brockmann is a gay rights activist with a strong commitment to working towards a time when everyone has the freedom of choice. For many years she has worked with several organizations, including MassEquality, to achieve this goal.

Before the book All Through the Night was even a thought in her head, there were significant political happenings in the state of Massachusetts. One state, she said “where people can marry the person they love.”  At the time, a ballot to stop marriage equality was initiated and going up for a vote in the state legislature. Ms. Brockmann and her husband Ed Gaffney joined forces with MassEquality to educate the legislature about a subject that is very important to her.  Suzanne said, “I’m a mother of a young man who is gay and I love that kid and I deserve the right to dance at my son’s wedding and he has the right to spend the rest of his life with the person he loves and to have that relationship be recognized. So a lot of what we did with MassEquality was to make it personal, to not keep silent, to say, I love my son and he’s gay.” READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT B&N HEART TO HEART BLOG.

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