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    Summer Reading With RITA Winners
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  • Published: Jul 8th, 2011

His_At_NightYou have no idea how much I LOVE the summer.  How can I express it? After nine months of wearing the same winter coat day after day, I’m thrilled to finally throw the thing back in the closet and not look at it again until next winter. This is the season of less clothing, the sun on your face, sandy beaches, luscious parks, and the aroma of outdoor barbeques.  What’s not to love?  Add a book or two, or five, and you’ve sent me directly to Heaven. So I thought I’d give you a few more reasons to love this season by suggesting several books to add to the pile I know you’re still trying to get to.  READ FULL ARTICLE AT B&N’S HEART 2 HEART BLOG.

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